The Brick Campaign

Brick by brick, building a stronger community.

Stable housing is the foundation of a successful life. And for Anne Schnesel, this is the message of the Brick Campaign. With bricks representing structure, strength, and security, Anne launched the Brick Campaign in honor of her late husband Ernie, whose strength of spirit had enriched many lives.

Starting at $25 per brick, donors can impact areas of housing insecurity often overlooked, such as transportation and childcare costs and essential hygiene items–necessities that, when depleted or scarce, can cause anxiety and compound housing insecurity.

“The Bricks represent a foundation…the foundation of a person as important as the foundation of a building … the support needed for someone to start over, regain their footing, and thrive.”

Construct board member, Elaine Silberstein, is a regular donor to the Brick Campaign, giving bricks as birthday presents, in memory of loved ones, or even as hostess gifts. “The Brick Campaign has been a meaningful way for me to express my love to others throughout the year while taking steps to create a stronger community.”

To Buy A Brick You Will Need

Donate to the Brick Campaign

($25 per Brick)

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