Thank You to the Community Preservation Committees of Great Barrington and Lee

December 2023

The Great Barrington CPA has recommended that Construct receive $110,000 to establish a new Transitional Housing program at our Mahaiwe Street property. The new program structure will replace and improve our existing HUD-funded program, addressing specific needs and safety concerns to prioritize the homeless population and facilitate stable, long-term housing solutions. 

The Great Barrington CPA funding will also provide Construct with the necessary resources to address the community’s increasing rental assistance needs by facilitating the implementation of a matching program aimed at supplementing microloans provided by local banks, Lee Bank and Greylock, for rental assistance. 

Construct’s data from the past three years regarding assistance and housing needs reveals a gap in services for individuals who are stably housed, but facing difficulties due to escalating rents and housing instability. While some families may benefit most from one-time rental assistance, others may find a low-interest microloan with a matching contribution to be the most financially sensible option for catching up and resolving arrears. CPA funding is raised through a property tax surcharge and supplemented by State funding. 

The expenditures are subject to authorization by Great Barrington’s Annual Town Meeting scheduled for May 6, 2024.

Thank you, Town of Lee

The Town of Lee Community Preservation Committee has recommended Construct’s request for $50,000 rental assistance for Lee residents. Voters will ultimately decide whether the money is appropriated to Construct at the Town meeting in May. 

This program is designed to bolster the Town of Lee’s ongoing efforts to create affordable housing, providing essential stability for residents in need.

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