Renters’ Corner

from Connections, Summer 2023 newsletter

Since July 2022, Construct has contributed over $125,000 to provide community members with rental assistance.

Construct’s permanent housing locations have provided safe and affordable shelter for hundreds of people, but the waitlist is long and slow-moving. There are currently 462 households waiting, and the list grows by the day. Creating new permanent affordable housing will always be at the heart of Construct’s mission, however the need for stabilizing services such as rental assistance, are becoming increasingly necessary in order for households to retain their housing. Currently, 46% of all renters in Great Barrington (where Construct offices are located) are considered cost burdened, meaning they are exceeding the 30% annual income spending cap recommended by most financial institutions.

The goal of our Rental Assistance Program is not simply to cover a month’s rent, but to help families work towards sustainability and long term housing security. Due to the lack of housing in the area, this is essential. If rental payments are missed and a family loses their housing, it is nearly impossible to find housing elsewhere.

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