How Much Does the Average Renter Need to Make To Live Comfortably In the Berkshires?

— Berkshire Eagle

“According to a new study, the answer is $27 if you live in Pittsfield, well above the state’s minimum wage of $15. That’s a problem, housing advocates say, as wages aren’t keeping pace with the cost of housing in the area.

The study by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, titled “Out of Reach,” shows the hourly wages that residents of various communities must make to afford a modest, one- or two-bedroom apartment without spending more than 30 percent of their total income on rent and utilities. The hourly wage needed for a two-bedroom apartment in Pittsfield comes out to $27.12.”

“As rates have gone up, people have gotten priced out of local housing markets, said Jonathan Butler, president and CEO of 1Berkshire. The problem crosses several income brackets in the county, affecting young families looking to get their first home or upgrade as well as those making minimum wage.”

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