Construct Designer Showhouse

In June 2024, a month-long ticketed event aims to raise awareness and support for Construct’s initiative to convert Cassilis Farm estate in New Marlborough, MA, into eleven affordable housing apartments for Berkshire families and workers. The Designer Showhouse features the work of fifteen designers assigned to various estate spaces, interpreting the theme “Nature in the Berkshires.”

From great halls to hallways, these talented designers, whose areas of focus range from staging and interiors to styling and textile design, bring unique visions to transform the Gilded Age estate, highlighting the region’s diverse natural beauty and commitment to outdoor conservation and recreation.

*Your additional donations help us with our efforts to provide affordable housing in the Berkshires.


There will be dedicated events in conjunction with the Designer Showhouse, including an Opening Night Reception and a free Community Day for New Marlborough residents, this also includes residents of Clayton, Hartsville, Mill River and Southfield.  We are so grateful to all the talented designers, landscapers, artists, and volunteers for their unwavering dedication to affordable housing in the Berkshires.


In response to a 2020 housing study, New Marlborough’s Affordable Housing Committee identified Cassilis Farm as a promising location for affordable housing by 2022. Partnering with Construct, they aim to address the severe lack of affordable housing, boost the local economy, and support existing businesses. Originally owned by Hildreth Kennedy Bloodgood III, the farm transitioned through various owners, ultimately leading to Construct acquiring ownership and securing stewardship through local contributions and ARPA funds. The project is now progressing towards breaking ground, with a focus on providing safe and affordable housing for the southern Berkshire County community.


What are the Dates and Times of the Designer Show House?

The Designer Show House is open May 31-June 30. The Show House is open from 11AM until 5PM on Friday’s, Saturday’s & Sunday’s Last entry is 60 minutes prior to closing time (4PM).

I bought a ticket, now what?

Once tickets are purchased, they can only be used once on the specific day/time you have chosen. Tickets are non-refundable. No new entries after 4 PM. No children under the age of 6 are allowed. No pets allowed.

​Is there an elevator at the house?

There is currently no wheelchair access nor elevator at Cassilis Farm. Guests must use the stairs to view these spaces. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Is there a place on-site to purchase food or drinks?

Food and drink are not allowed in the Designer Showhouse and are not available onsite.

Is there a dress code?

Come as you are. And please wear comfortable shoes as the ground surrounding Cassilis Farm is sloped…and rustic.

Are bathrooms available for Designer Showhouse guests?

Yes, there is an onsite porta-potty for paid attendees.

How long will it take to tour the Showhouse?

At a leisurely pace, the self-guided tour should take about an hour.

Other Showhouse Restrictions?

In order to protect the finish of the floors, please do not wear high heels or other similar footwear. Again, no pets are allowed in the Showhouse. No children under 6. No sitting on or touching the furniture or accessories in the house.

Are items in the rooms of the show house available for purchase?

Most items are available for purchase and need to be purchased directly from the designer.


For over 50 years, Construct Inc. has played a crucial role in offering affordable housing in southern Berkshire County. Their accomplishments include managing the construction of Forest Springs, an 11-unit development in Great Barrington, MA, and successfully transforming a local inn into workforce housing. The recent portfolio also highlights two prosperous affordable homeownership projects. Committed to maintaining more than 90 affordable housing options, Construct continues to make a significant impact in the community.


“Cassilis Farm is a challenging undertaking, but this is exactly how Construct works: We partner with members of the community to determine a home-grown solution to their housing needs. We know that we will be providing housing for the people who make a town thrive. When we can make this happen AND breathe new life into a space like Cassilis that already fits into the landscape and the neighborhood…all the better!”

The housing crisis is at an all-time high in Berkshire County and impacts vital members of the workforce, the elderly population, families, and businesses. In New Marlborough, MA, there is currently no affordable housing, and businesses are struggling to keep their doors open due to severe staffing shortages.


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