Chamber gives Humanitarian Award to Construct Inc. — The Berkshire Edge

And to the Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire

The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce has named Construct Inc. and the Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire as the recipients of its Humanitarian Award this year.

“Both organizations are very important because they have put hard work into developing affordable housing opportunities,” executive director Betsy Andrus said. “We want both organizations to know that we appreciate all of the hard work that they have done. They both have invested substantial time, money, and energy into their work. How would we survive without these organizations?”

“It takes a village to tackle the housing crisis, and we are honored to share this award with our valued community partners, the CDCSB,” organization Director of Development Leigh Davis wrote to The Berkshire Edge via email. “Without the backing of our supporters and the tireless work of our dedicated staff and board, Construct wouldn’t be able to do the critical work we do. As the need for affordable housing continues to grow, so do we as an organization. Construct commits to providing affordable housing to strengthen and diversify communities, stabilize lives, and empower individuals to build a better future is needed now more than ever.”

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