As Winter Approaches And The Affordable Housing Crisis Continues…

Construct Inc. Looks For Support 

— The Berkshire Eagle / November 7, 2023 / Shaw Israel Izikson

Great Barrington — Residents from throughout Berkshire County attended the “Call to Action: Solution for Housing Crisis” event at Race Brook Lodge on Wednesday, October 25, organized by Construct Inc.

According to its website, the nonprofit organization was founded in 1969 and provides affordable housing and supportive services to 15 towns in Berkshire County.

In an interview with The Berkshire Edge, Construct Inc. Executive Director Jane Ralph said that, going into winter, organizations that provide housing aid to Berkshire residents need as much financial help as possible. “Virtually, everyone is out of funds right now,” Ralph said.

“…The homeless situation continues to grow,” Jane Ralph said. “Last winter, we did a survey that showed that the homeless population has doubled in Berkshire County. We’re seeing more seniors who are homeless, and more parents with children who are homeless. We started emergency family housing in Great Barrington at the former Windflower Inn, but it’s at maximum capacity. This year is definitely going to be a challenge.”

“We have an enormous number of families joining our affordable housing waitlist,” Construct Inc. Community Engagement and Communications Director Leigh Davis said. Davis is also the vice chair of the Great Barrington Selectboard and is the chair of the town’s Selectboard and Planning Board Housing Subcommittee. “Part of the reason why we are seeing an increase on our waitlist is due to rising rent prices. There’s a kind of connection between a lack of housing and increasing rental prices.”

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